Look at this cool female Wasp Mantidfly I found on my car this morning!

Look at this cool female Wasp Mantidfly I found on my car this morning!




Hello vultures! I’m somewhat new to this; any idea on what causes this chalky/powdery white stuff? 

normally when i see “chalky/powdery” I assume the bones were bleached, but this doesnt quite look like that. was it bleached? was it degreased properly?

That is corpse/mortuary/grave wax or “adipocere”. I get that stuff on my bones all the time and I haven’t actually figured out how to get rid of it.

I’ve been able to get it off using a stiff bristled brush after the bones have been soaking for a while. I usually scrub them down right after maceration

I skinned a big stinky raccoon today. I found her within 5 feet of the place I found the only other raccoon I’ve picked up, which was about 8 months ago. Weird. It must be a popular raccoon hang out.

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Anonymous sent:
I have a skull that's kind of pink in some places but mostly brown, do you think I should be macerating it or degreasing it? I picked it up very recently and it was still covered in bugs and larvae when I got it if that has anything to do with it?

Maybe macerate for a bit longer, just because its hard to go back to maceration once you’ve moved to degreasing. But if all the flesh is gone, you could probably move to degreasing very soon, the discoloration should be helped a lot by degreasing. Good luck, let me know how it goes!

Anonymous sent:
Hi! So I want to get started in collecting roadkill. What do you suggest for someone brand new to it? Like, what tools are must haves? Tips and tricks? Warnings?

Tools: You never know when you’ll stumble on good roadkill, so I always have a plastic container in my trunk filled with bags, gloves, a hunting knife, and a saw. Also, if you want to skin animals, you’ll need a sharp knife, and I strongly recommend a fleshing board and knife.

Tips: On busy roads, it’s best to go in the early morning, when its light enough for you to be safe but early enough for there to be barely any people. Also, look on roads that pass by woodlands, water sources, or big fields on either side, these tend to have lots of wildlife crossing through.

Warnings: Check your laws! Make sure it’s legal to pick up roadkill where you are, and know which animals are legal and which aren’t. Sometimes you can call the fish and wildlife services to get special permission to pick up certain restricted animals, so if you reeeally want something that’s illegal you can always try that. I got special permission to pick up bear cubs once, so I’d say its always worth a try. Also, safety first! Look out for cars! Put your hazards on if you’re pulled over on a busy road! Please be careful, I don’t want you to meet the same fate as the animal you’re picking up. And of course always wear gloves, wild animals can carry a lot of nasty diseases and parasites. Wash your hands after handling them, wash your work station, keep things organized, etc.

I hope this helps, that ended up being longer than intended! Happy collecting!